Less Abled Bathrooms

You want your bathroom to be a Less Abled Bathroom
With level Access? Maybe a Wetroom?

Maybe you have already considered the layout of your bathroom and want to ensure it makes the best use of space and will meet your current and future needs. Without sacrificing style. Or you already have had a home visit from an Occupational Therapist and you are now in the process of applying for a grant.

Did you know you may be eligible for one or more of the following grants, VAT refunds or tax credit schemes:

  • Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme for improving the condition of an older person’s home.
  • Mobility Aids Grant Scheme for alterations, such as grab rails and level access showers. (This grant is means-tested.)
  • If you have a Medical Card or a Long Term Illness Card, you may be entitled to get essential items of equipment free of charge. First, you must be assessed by an Occupational Therapist.
  • VAT refund on equipment needed for someone with a disability.
  • Tax credit under the Home Renovation Incentive
  • Grant aid under the Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme or the Better Energy Homes Scheme

Most of these require you to get advance approval before starting any works. For more information check out the Citizens Information website.

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