Inset/Room Heater or Boiler Stove

Inset and Room Heater Stoves are ideal for homes that only need to heat the main living quarters during the day, and for home owners who want the aesthetic of a fire and the practicality of a  stove. Using a stove to keep the main living quarters warm and comfy, and only using the central heating for an hour or so in the morning and at night to warm the bedrooms, will make for significant saving on your heating bills.

Boiler Stoves, also know as Back Boilers, work by heating water inside the stove and then piping the hot water into the radiators or under-floor heating system, and to a hot water tank. They are the right choice for households where rooms away from the stove need to kept warm throughout the day and/or there is a need for lots of hot water frequently during the day. Boiler Stoves, however, require much more attention and fuel throughout the day than Inset and Room Heater Stoves need.