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We carry out all the services listed below, click on the headings to learn more about the services that are right for you. And contact us when you are ready to get the work done!

  1. Cold water storage1

    Metal cold water storage tank? Your insurance has a clause that you are not covered for
    leaks from metal tanks?
    Maybe you want extra cold water storage? Or want to remodel your attic?
    Have a tank without a lid, and worried about rodents and birds decomposing in your water supply?
    Your tank has become misshaped? This could be because it has been incorrectly installed
    on planks instead of a flat base.
    Stagnant scum on the top of one of your two cold water tanks? This is because they are not
    plumbed correctly. Water shortages and cut-offs could lead to you having to use this
    stagnant water, so the sooner we fix your plumbing the safer you are.

  2. Water dripping from a point under your eaves2

    This could be your overflow pipe from the cold water storage tank and means your ball cock and float needs to be replaced.

  3. Radiators and Radiator Valves3

    Is there a radiator in your home not working right?
    Do you have a leaking radiator?
    Remodelling and like your radiator moved to a new location? To a different wall or just by a few inches?
    Want a different style of radiator installed?
    One room gets too warm when the heating is on? Or one room is rarely used and you
    just want to keep it warm enough to be free from damp. We can install the thermostatic radiator valves you
    need to give you this control.
    Want to have hot water from your gas or oil boiler in the summer without having your radiators coming on.
    We can easily achieve this for you with thermostatic radiator valves.
    Using standard radiator values to do this is not advised as it can lead to them leaking.
    This problem does not happen with thermostatic radiator valves, and they are user-friendly for people
    of all ages.
    Cold spots on some of your radiators? If this has happened to your heating system then you need to call us.
    It normally means that you have a dirty heating system which left untreated can result in your
    heating bills increasing and damage to your radiators, radiator valves and boiler. Our machine power flush will fix this problem.
    Learn more about our Heating System Machine Power Flush.

  4. Bath/Shower4

    Need an electric shower installed? Or need more water pressure for your bath/shower? Have a leak when you use your bath or shower? Want a shower screen installed? Dripping tap? Or you want to change the style of your taps? Need to replace a cracked bath or shower tray? Or just want a new style?

  5. Toilet Pan and Cistern5

    Broken flushing mechanism broken? Cistern constantly filing and overflowing? Cracked pan or cistern lid? Or want a new style of toilet?

  6. Wash hand basin6

    Your wash basin has a dripping tap? Or you want to change the style of your taps? Need to replace a cracked wash hand basin? Or want a new style of wash hand basin?

  7. Heated towel rail7

    Want to replace your bathroom or utility/linen room radiator with a heated towel rail? Need a towel rail installed? We also offer full bathroom/wetroom renovations and installation.
    Learn more about PPH Bathrooms/Wetrooms

  8. Plumbing for utility/linen room appliances8

    Need to washing machine and/or condensing tumble dryer plumbed in?

  9. Utility Sink9

    Want a sink installed? Or a sink removed to create more space?

  10. Stove10

    Learn more about our inset, freestanding and boiler stove installation service.

  11. Kitchen Sink, dishwasher and American style fridge freezer11

    Want to replace your kitchen tap? Plumb in a dishwasher? Plumb in an American style fridge freezer? Getting your kitchen remodelled and want to move the location of your sink, dish washer or American style fridge freezer?

  12. Gas cooker and gas hob12

    Want to replace you gas cooker, gas hob? Getting your kitchen remodelled and want to move the location of your gas cooker, gas hob or gas boiler?

  13. Expansion vessel/safety blow-off valve13

    Have you a dripping pipe? Loosing pressure in your heating system? You probably need your expansion vessel replaced and your safety blow-off valve either reset or replaced

  14. Gas and oil boiler service, repair and installation 14

    Learn more about PPH Gas & Oil Boiler Heating Systems services

  15. Hot water cylinder15

    Is your hot water cylinder leaking? Need your hot water cylinder moved to a new location in your home? Existing hot water cylinder not meeting your needs? Immersion installed or replaced?
    Learn more about PPH hot water cylinder replacement and installation services

  16. Mains booster pump, shower pump and universal pump16

    Need to boost your water pressure? We install the best pump to meet your needs. Need an existing mains booster pump, shower pump or universal pump replaced?

  17. Outside tap17

    Need an outside tap fitted or replaced? Sink installed into a garage?

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